Complete airfreight services - freight, customs clearance, documents, packing and storage, insurance, monitoring, counselling services.

Our services

Letecká přeprava využívá cargo kapacit leteckých společností nejen na letech nákladních letadel, ale i na pasažérských letech. Velkou výhodou letecké přepravy je pravidelnost a četnost letů, což umožňuje krátký čas pro přepravu zásilky.

Air freight often uses cargo capacity of not only cargo planes but also of passenger flights. The periodicity and frequency of flights is big advantage allowing short time for delivery of your consignment.

In addition to common business shipments or personal parcels we are also specialised in management of special character shipments.

  • Dangerous goods
  • Live animals
  • Valuables
  • Human remains

Other services

Together with air freight provision we offer a packet of supplementary services. In addition to the arrangement of air freight with best destination selection we can provide:

  • Transport of your consignment to Prague Airport
  • Customs clearance
  • Preparation of all necessary documents
  • Packing and storage of the consignment
  • Additional insurance to air carrier policy
  • Shipment monitoring
  • Consulting services in international air freight