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Transport of human remains

Sad events occur not only at home but also abroad and our company also provides the transport of human remains upon the international Convention on transport of deceased and also the air freight of funeral urn. Any activities and organisation of transport to home country of the dead are provided with maximum piety. Depending on particular situation, the supporting documents can provide the insurance company, Czech funeral service, travel agency of Czech Embassy. Contact us, we can provide you with safe transport.

Transport of coffins abides with international agreements

If a person dies in a state which is not bound by particular international agreements it is necessary that the Czech Embassy abroad issues a dispatch note with consent to transport of human remains back to the Czech territory. In the Czech Republic the dispatch note for transport of dead to abroad is issued by Regional Hygiene Station.

Documents for issuance of dispatch note for dead.

  • Death certificate
  • Official certificate stating that from sanitary point of view there are no objections to the transport.
  • Confirmation that the body has been put in the coffin in accordance with international rules
  • Identification documents of the dead person

Air transport of funeral urn

Transport of human remains is specialised service subject to international rules of air transport. At air transport of funeral urn our company co-operates with administrator of the transport and offers help with customs clearance. We can also provide the air transport of funeral urn. To this kind of consignment the death certificate together with cremation certificate must be presented. Contact us even in sad events. We will arrange all with piety.