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Transport of live animals

You are not able to spend your holidays without your pet or do you have business with small pets and speed of the transport is the most important for you? Then the air transport of live animals is just for you. You may think that the air transport of animals requires complicate permissions and you are not sure whether the air company will take proper care of your animals. To send animals by air is common. Do you know that even rhinos are transported by air and that they cope with it quite well? So what the transport of dogs and cats may be compared to rhino! Easy matter.

We will provide you with all necessary things for transport of your animals including the very transport – veterinary and customs formalities, transport to target destination and handover to new owner.

What animals can be transported?

The air freight is very flexible and on that ground any animal can be transported. Dogs and cats, accompanying their owners in luggage space are the most often transported animals. However, also fish, rodents, birds, snakes and amphibians can be transported. The air freight is very flexible and on that ground any animal can be transported. Some of the requirements you will have to take care of and we will cover veterinary and customs formalities necessary for the transport of live animals. However, some countries have special conditions for transport of animals and it is good to be informed about them in advance.

We are able to arrange the transport of dogs, cats, birds, snakes, fish and even bigger animals.

How it works?

At first sight the transport of live animals may look as complex, but it is not so, the transport is similar to other mentioned types of air transport.

To order the transport of life animal call or write us to agree the term for your transport. Just bring your live animal to us to the airport or we can pick it up at your place. Further we accept it to our warehouse where it will be weighed, measured (certainly in its transport box) and next we will prepare the air waybill with all data and consignment number, departure and arrival of particular aircraft etc.

Some essentials for transport of life animals

  • Valid veterinary certificate
  • Pet passport
  • International chip
  • Particular vaccinations

Important information for transport of live animals

Even the longest flight takes max. 24 hours, so you need not be afraid that animals would require some special care in the plane. The transport box for the animal must be well adapted to it and the animal firmly closed.

Transport of life animals requires some essentials. You must have IATA approved transport box. It is a box with metal doors, simple but safe lock, fixtures for safety belts with possibility to attach special bowl for water. You will bring your animal to us or we will pick it up at your place. In our warehouse we will prepare the air way bill with all data and description of the animal with consigner and consignee contacts. When you need to transport your animal comfortably by air, contact us.