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Transport of personal items

Do you plan some bike trip overseas and do you need you expensive bike to be transported by air to the destination? Or you bought some luxurious furnishings but it can’t get in your car? Air freight is your chance how to transport your things quickly and reliably to remote destinations. Do you think that car transport will be more advantageous than by air? In many cases not, because you pay the way back to the carrier. And it takes long and many complications may occur. But what is important! Air freight is quick, comfortable and you will be without worries.

We will provide you with reliable and cost efficient transport of your personal things to whatever destination you may wish. Safely, reliably and cheap – leave it on us, we can save your time and worries.

What does personal thing mean?

Personal things do not mean only your case which you clear at the airport. But you can send other things independently by air, for instance clothes, outdoor items, glass, bike, books, electronics, furnishings, wheelchair and even furniture. All this can be delivered by air to your destination. These personal things can be sent by your relatives or friends from abroad or you can send these things to them. In this way you can also solve any excess luggage or weight. Air freight does not require your presence. Our company will take complete care of your consignment. We can pack it up in your home and you can send a message to your friend at the other end of the world.

How it works?

Air freight of goods and personal things is simple. If you plan to use international air freight to transport personal things call or write us and we can arrange the date of the transport. And we remind again it can be a set of ground glass or furniture.

Just bring your consignment to us to the airport or we can pick it up at your place. Further we take your consignment to our warehouse where it will be weighed, measured and next we will prepare the air waybill with all data and consignment number, departure and arrival of particular aircraft etc. You will have exact information about the departure and arrival to the destination. Each air cargo consignment has its number to its destination.

Important information to the transport of personal things.

Information on the personal air waybill:

  • Consignment no.
  • Departure and arrival of cargo plane
  • Name, contact and address of the consigner
  • Description and dimensions of the goods