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Transport of dangerous goods

Are you sure that transport of dangerous goods is possible by land only? Even it takes so much time? Would you like quick transport with protection from all risks? Then choose the air freight for the transport of dangerous goods. You will see that transport of combustible materials or explosives will be more convenient than by truck or rail.

The international air freight of dangerous goods is subject to same rules like other transport types; however for us it is easier because we are able to manage correct packaging and clearance. Each consignment must have certified box with particular labels, UN code and must be furnished with valid approval for transport.

What is classified as dangerous goods?

We provide our client with transport for the following dangerous goods:

  • Weapons and ammunition;
  • Explosives;
  • Chemicals and poisons;
  • Radioactive materials;
  • Combustibles and any other materials marked with UN code furnished with safety sheets

How it works?

Air freight of dangerous goods is subject to international rules. The dispatcher is responsible for correct and safe packaging of the consignment of the goods to be transported and for approval for the transport. If you have dangerous goods to be transported using the international air freight, the transport process is similar to the transport of personal things or commercial shipments. If you are not sure that just your goods fall in the dangerous goods category we will advise you with pleasure. Well, even perfumes, food flavourings or electronic devices can be classified as dangerous goods.

Call or write us and we will jointly arrange the term of the transport. Further we accept your consignment to our warehouse where it will be weighed, measured and next we will prepare the air waybill with all data and consignment number, departure and arrival of particular aircraft etc.

Important information for transport of dangerous goods

Each consignment must be furnished with safety sheet according to which the dangerous goods will be cleared. Each consignment must be brought in original certified box furnished with particular labels.

The customs clearance of your dangerous goods is our responsibility.

Air freight has specific requirements for transport of dangerous goods which must be met. We accept for transport also the goods with SCO (Secured for Cargo-Aircraft Only) status. Each consignment must be furnished with safety sheets. We will agree with you the term for transport and then you will bring the consignment or we will pick it up at your place. We will prepare the air waybill with all consigner and consignee data, departure and arrival and provide the clearance of the dangerous goods with all labels. Contact us, you will see that air freight of dangerous goods is very comfortable.