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Transport of weapons

You probably know that due to high security requirements passengers are not allowed to take with them any weapons to board. And whether it is sport small-bore rifle, hunting rifle or machine rifle, it does not matter. The same safety regulations apply also for models and replicas of the weapons and also for toys similar to weapons. But maybe you do not know, that transport of weapons is subject to same rules like the transport of dangerous goods except declarable toys. It is possible to send and receive weapons by air. The strict safety regulations for air transport cover not only the weapons but also spare parts, ammunition and chambers.

Certified box or metal case can be used for the transport of weapons.

The most frequently transported guns are revolvers, rifles, shotguns, sporting guns and small-bore riffles. You must have gun licence and permission for transport. Each consignment must have certified box furnished with particular labels and UN code. Lockable case is the best packaging for transport of weapons. Metal case is the most suitable. Shell cases serving for car transport are not sufficiently strong for air freight and also not all of them are lockable.

Customs clearance of transported weapons is our responsibility.

Same as with the dangerous goods also the transport of weapons requires from the weapons to meet certain requirements. Each consignment must be furnished with safety sheets. We will agree with you the term for transport and then you will bring the consignment or we will pick it up at your place. We will prepare the air waybill with all consigner and consignee data, departure and arrival and provide the clearance of the dangerous goods with all labels. Contact us, you will see the air freight of weapons is easy with us.