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Transport of goods

Only air freight can send a commercial shipment (goods) within the next day across Europe. It is the fastest way to transport commercial shipments and also the most convenient. When transporting by truck, something can happen on the way, the weather can deteriorate or a traffic jam can occur. Although Europe is criss-crossed with a network of motorways, it will never be as fast as international air freight. Transporting commercial shipments greatly facilitates business relationships around the world while increasing the convenience of clearance. Order a shipment from us and you’ll see that you won’t have to worry about a thing. We will also take care of customs clearance.

Full service in the field of transport of goods – we handle all the necessary formalities and transport the shipment reliably, on time and undamaged to its destination.

For proper packing of shipments, use a packing service

Business parcel transport refers to the various goods that companies pass between each other. These include, for example, metallurgical materials, spare parts, promotional materials, construction materials and machine parts and components. The shipment must first be well packed and visibly marked. We are able to do this in-house because we have a packaging service. Cargo transport of commercial shipments is also advantageous for valuable or fragile goods.

How are the goods transported?

The transport of commercial shipments is practically the same as the transport of personal belongings. If you want to use international air freight for your business shipment, call or write to us and we will arrange a date together. Your shipment will then be transported to our airport or picked up at your location by our vehicles. We will take the shipment to our warehouse where we will weigh and measure it and then issue you an air waybill with all the details of the consignment number, departure and arrival of the specific aircraft, etc.

Important information on transporting commercial shipments

If you choose to transport your commercial shipments by air, we will arrange a date for transportation. You can either bring the shipment yourself or we will transport it with our own vehicles. The goods must have a commercial invoice, delivery note or other documents, for example, the origin of the goods. Once the goods have been verified, we will issue a bill of lading with departure and arrival dates and prepare the goods for customs clearance. No need to bother with it either, we will take care of the customs clearance for import and export. With us you will know the comfort of transporting commercial shipments. Contact us.

What is important for commercial air freight:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Delivery Note
  • Other necessary documents, such as the origin of the goods
  • Waybill
  • Customs clearance